Senior Lecturers

catherine-eland-cpht-liverpool-hypnotherapy-trainingCatherine Eland

Initially trained as a Radiographer at The Royal United Hospital in Bath, Catherine graduated in 1991 and went on to become a diagnostic Radiographer DCR (R). She then gained the higher certification in the Fundamentals of Mammography and has worked as a Senior Radiographer and Mammographer at the Lancashire breast Unit based in Chorley since 2007.

Catherine is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (HPD) and Hypnotherapy Supervisor. She runs flourishing Hypnotherapy practices in both Southport, Merseyside and Chorley Lancashire. Working as a therapist “helping people, help themselves” she finds both therapeutic and rewarding.

More recently, in September 2020 she completed the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma(AHD). This course has been assessed at a level 5 by NCFE. This is the highest qualification available for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists in the UK.

Catherine’s business knowledge developed from her 15 years experience working in the Motor Industry. She was trained initially in Sales and Marketing, fast tracked through all dealership departments to eventually become a Dealer Principal, working for Peugeot, Southport and latterly for the Volvo Dealership in Plymouth. She regards her time spent in this extremely challenging retail environment as vital, as it allowed her to achieve her full potential. She feels it gave her the skills and experience necessary to move forward in her life.

Her interest in hypnotherapy grew out of her observations of the way individuals faced with similar problems coped with trauma and stress. She was amazed when one of her colleagues attended hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety, the difference it made was a powerful indicator for Catherine. This was the catalyst that prompted her decision to train as a Hypnotherapist.

Still working as a Mammographer she decided to attend the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training School. She chose CPHT, as the school teaches Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. This therapy is based on researched neuroscientific programmes that said, the more enjoyable the therapy is, the more likely it is to be successful.

The CPHT course syllabus and philosophy is solidly based on the experience and expertise of its founder David Newton. It facilitates results, encourages new strengths, and qualifies the case for transformation, not only for its clients.

CPHT teaches what works and practices what works, a philosophy that allows happy hypnotherapists help clients to become more confident and successful and overcome or cope with problems.

She is now part of the CPHT Liverpool, Preston and York Teams, she will be training students who like her, want to and will, make a difference. Her continued personal diligence and outward looking persona ensure her clients and students alike benefit from any and all new research and evidenced based changes.

She now lives in sunny Southport, Merseyside, is a real foodie and her golf is still an on-going project despite all her best efforts.

John Lowson CPHT Senior Lecturer

John Lowson
Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist

John comes from a business background as a company director for an independent electrical wholesaler, and after being in the electrical industry for over 30 years John has a wealth of sales, marketing and commercial astuteness behind him. John decided to take a change in career after experiencing the power of hypnotherapy first hand and he decided that this would become his new career.

After experiencing anxiety, depression and other destructive behavioural issues, caused by personal events in his life, John tried to get the help he knew he needed, however it was a close friend who was a non-practicing hypnotherapist introduced him to hypnotherapy.

The power of the therapy just amazed him and was hooked from the very first session and the therapy allowed him to start rebuilding his life and seeing things from a new perspective, it was almost as if his brain had been rewired. Fascinated by the whole process he decided to start to research hypnotherapy and its therapeutic power. John completed his training with CPHT in Leeds for his HPD and DSFH.

John loves the solution focused side of the hypnotherapy and he found the CPHT training invaluable. Focusing on the solution as opposed to the problem, allows a more relaxed and non-intrusive method and seeing people achieve their goals and change their lives week on week is a job satisfaction never experienced ever before. Using the latest neuroscience evidence, knowing that everything in solution focused hypnotherapy is evidence based is a fantastic and credible advantage.

John is now a fully qualified solution focused hypnotherapist and runs his own busy practice J Lowson Hypnotherapy operating out of the Halifax Hypnotherapy Clinic on the outskirts of Halifax in West Yorkshire, a business which he owns with his fiancée, whom has also since trained in Hypnotherapy after seeing the benefits as a volunteer for John whilst he was in training. Hypnotherapy taught John to re-focus on the positive aspects of life and helping people is now a big part of his life.

John lives with his fiancée on the outskirts of Halifax, his other passions in life are travelling, eating out and John is a keen musician having played keyboards in various bands over the years.

He is delighted to be part of the CPHT YORK team, and looking forward to meeting and working with new students and offering the education and support to allow the students to practice and become competent qualified hypnotherapists.